Sun, 09 Jan 2011

Does Your Bug Tracker Do This For You?

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While working on a fast moving Open Source project, we sometimes get some platform specific bug reports. And even if nobody explicitly works on the problem, sometimes they go away due to general improvements of robustness.

So sometimes an intrepid volunteer goes through the list of old bugs, and asks the reporter if these platform specific bugs still persist. Quite often, we don't get a reply. Then the reports aren't very useful to us, and should be closed. Which requires a second pass through the bug queue. With more than 600 open bugs this quite a bit of work.

So I'd like to have an option to automatically close a bug within a given time span (say, four weeks or two months) if no feedback occurs. Our bug tracker (or at least our installation) doesn't have such a button.

Does your favorite bug tracker have it? Would you also sometimes like such a button?

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