Tue, 04 Aug 2009

Goodby Iron Man

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<update> (from 2009-08-23) It turned out that my disappearance on the ironman blog feed was due to a broken RSS feed. Matt S. Trout tried to inform me by blog comment, my blog marked it as spam and swallowed it.

So now we talked on IRC, clarified things, and I'm back in the game. </update>

So I accepted the Iron Man blogging challenge a few month ago. And last week I discovered that my blog was gone from their feed. For the second time. Without any notification.

rusty iron man

Image: rusty iron man, by courtesy of artvixn, available under a create commons non-commerical by-attribution license.

The first time they had a good reason: the date tags in my RSS feed were goofed; still I'd thought it would be nice to at least notify me of such a removal. After some mails back and forth I was able to fix it; after the second removal without any notification I'm simply fed up and don't want to investigate any more energy into this.

Still I'll continue to follow the collected RSS feed, there are still many interesting blogs to be read there.

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