Sat, 05 Mar 2016

Automating Deployments: New Website, Community

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No IT project would be complete without its own website, so my project of writing a book on automated deployments now has one too. Please visit and tell me what you think about. The plan is to gradually add some content, and maybe also a bit of color. When the book finally comes out (don't hold your breath here, it'll take some more months), it'll also be for sale there.

Quite a few readers have emailed me, sharing their own thoughts on the topic of building and deploying software, and often asking for feedback. There seems to be a need for a place to share these things, so I created one. The deployment community is a discourse forum dedicated to discussing such things. I expect to see a low volume of posts, but valuables to those involved.

To conclude the news roundup for this week, I'd like to mention that next week I'll be giving a talk on continuous delivery at the German Perl Workshop 2016, where I'm also one of the organizers. After the workshop is over, slides will be available online, and I'll likely have more time again for blogging. So stay tuned!

I'm writing a book on automating deployments. If this topic interests you, please sign up for the Automating Deployments newsletter. It will keep you informed about automating and continuous deployments. It also helps me to gauge interest in this project, and your feedback can shape the course it takes.

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