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Tue, 20 Mar 2012

Upcoming Perl 6 Hackathon in Oslo, Norway

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The Oslo Perl Mongers are inviting to the Perl 6 Patterns Hackathon in Oslo in one month, and I very much look forward to being there.

Hackathons can be quite fun and productive if many programmers focus on the same goal. So to make the hackathon a success, I'm willing to work on whatever we decide to set as our goal(s).

One topic that is dear to me, and that is approachable by a horde of programmers (and guided by one or two Rakudo core hackers) is bringing database access into a usable state.

With muchly improved support for calling C functions and we should have enough infrastructure for access mysql, postgres and SQLite databases. MiniDBI aims to provide some basic convenience, but currently only the mysql driver partially works.

I believe that with concentrated effort, MiniDBI and the rest of the infrastructure can be improved to the point that it is usable, and other modules can start to rely on it. Databases usable in Perl 6, doesn't that sound good?

I'll see what kind of feedback I get on this idea, and if it's positive, I'll follow up with instructions on how to install the prerequisites for hacking on MiniDBI and its drivers.

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