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Mon, 28 Jun 2010

This Week's Contribution to Perl 6 - Lottery Intermission

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In the original "Contribute now" announcement I've promised that there would be some t-shirts to win.

Since then there have seven challenges (mostly weekly), and I've decided on the rules of the lottery:

  • Every contributor can win at most one t-shirt, even if he had submissions for multiple weeks
  • The lottery will be done on a per-week base

Of course the lottery was conducted by a Perl 6 script. Here it is:

use v6;

my @contribs =
    [ "patrickas", "shawjef3@<omitted>", "Dagur Valberg Johannsson", "Juan José 'Peco' San Martín"],
    [ "bubaflub" ],
    [ "patrickas", "David Green" ],
    [ "Hongwn Qiu"],
    [ "David Green", "Chris Fields", "rgrau"],
    [ "sahadev" , "Dean Serenevy"],
    [ "cygx" ],

my %winners;

for @contribs.pairs.pick(*) -> $p {
    my $week = $p.key + 1;
    my @people = $p.value.flat.grep({ !%winners{$_} });
    say "Candidates for Week $week: @people.join(', ')";;
    my $winner = @people.pick;
    say "And the winner is... $winner!";
    %winners{$winner} = $week;

say %winners.perl;

And then, in the moment of truth, it produced this output:

Candidates for Week 7: cygx
And the winner is... cygx!
Candidates for Week 2: bubaflub
And the winner is... bubaflub!
Candidates for Week 5: David Green, Chris Fields, rgrau
And the winner is... David Green!
Candidates for Week 1: patrickas, shawjef3@<omitted>, Dagur Valberg Johannsson, Juan José 'Peco' San Martín
And the winner is... shawjef3@<omitted>!
Candidates for Week 4: Hongwn Qiu
And the winner is... Hongwn Qiu!
Candidates for Week 3: patrickas
And the winner is... patrickas!
Candidates for Week 6: sahadev, Dean Serenevy
And the winner is... sahadev!
{"Hongwn Qiu" => 4, "patrickas" => 3, "bubaflub" => 2, "David Green" => 5,
"cygx" => 7, "sahadev" => 6, "shawjef3\@<omitted>" => 1}

If you are one of the winners, and haven't told me your address yet, please do so. Also tell me your t-shirt size, and whether you want a Rakudo or a Perl 6 t-shirt.

I'd like to thank again everybody who contributed, and The Perl Foundation for sponsoring some of the t-shirts!

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