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Sat, 19 Dec 2009

Publicity for Perl 6

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I've blogged about the Perl 6 Advent Calendar 2009, and want to follow up that it's been a huge success so far.

We're about half-way through, and you might be interested in our number of visits per day:

On 6th and 7th of December we had about 18k visitors in sum, courtesy of slashdot and Tim O'Reilly on Twitter.

As a result we got a lot of new people in our #perl6 IRC channel, asking for help on how to get Rakudo working, how to code some specific things in Perl 6, or asking about general design decisions.

Also mj41 reported that he has collected more than 50% more Perl 6/parrot blog posts than in the previous year.

We've also acquired for our uses this year, and it has been promoted enough to be the third hit on a google search for Perl 6.

All in all I'm rather happy with the marketing state of Perl 6 in 2009, and hope to see similar efforts for 2010. With the upcoming releases of Rakudo Star and a Perl 6 book I'm pretty sure we'll do well, and I hope for more slashdot coverage :-).

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