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Fri, 23 Apr 2010

Monetize Perl 6?

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In some of recent perlmonks Perl 6 discussions one of the comments mentioned something along the lines of Perl 5 is where the money is (I can't find the exact quote in these monstrous threads...

If money was my primary interest, I wouldn't be hacking Perl 6 as much as I do - it's mostly just for fun. Still one can speculate on how to earn money with Perl 6 today - I wouldn't mind having fun with Perl 6 and earn some money.

In fact, I did that already. I wrote a series of articles for the iX Magazin (together with Aristotle Pagaltzis), and while it was quite some effort, it also payed well. Next up down a similar route is the Perl 6 book that some Perl 6 developers write. It's not primarily written for profit, but there will be royalties.

I also thought about monetizing this blog - with a few hundred page views per new entry it might be worth it; still I have some standards as a web publisher, and find most ads annoying and disturbing, often fitting badly into the layout. I don't want my readers to suffer for my greed.

What kind of advertisements could actually add value to the site? Typically programmers read my blogs, and programmers need... jobs, tools, books and gadgets. I haven't pursued the thought very far yet, but I think having job ads in text form might be both profitable, maybe interesting and hopefully not annoying.

What do you, the readers of my blog, think about that? Is there any type of monetizing that you would enjoy? or if not enjoy, then at least tolerate with good will? What would you prefer, job ads, geek books, gadgets, or anything else?

On a related note, do you know any reputable job market for which I can advertise in text form?

Or any company that would hire me for Perl 6 consulting? :-)

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