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Tue, 04 May 2010

This Week's Contribution to Perl 6 Week 1: A website for proto

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For this week's contribution to Perl 6 you don't need to write or understand a single line of Perl 6 code - Perl 5 or another scripting language woorks fine.

(Introduction to this series of challenges)


As explained here, we don't have a proper CPAN for Perl 6 yet - only a very coarse prototype installer.

It has a list of known projects in its source repository.

What you can do

Write a script that downloads this file, and for each project extracts the one-line project description from the respective github pages.

It should use the assembled data to build a website that links to all the projects, and contains their names and descriptions.

You'll get bonus points if you make the list of projects, descriptions and URLs available in JSON format too.


If you have something working or want to discuss things, please send an email to For real-time discussions our IRC channel is a good place.

Update: There is a first submission by patrickas, which is already in the proto repository in the web/ directory.

The results can be seen on

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