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Sat, 22 Aug 2009

Perl 6 is optimized for fun

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Audrey Tang coined term optimized for fun in the context of Perl 6, abbreviated -Ofun. (The -O compiler option instructs gcc to optimize code).

And indeed we have lots of fun: Perl 6 is our MMORPG, but we still get things done and avoid the planning trap.

We also have fun in our specification:

    1. Retreat to remote Himalayan monastery

    2. Learn the hidden mysteries of space and time


    3. Prophet!

We also have fun on IRC:

12:49 < pugs_svn> r28043 | moritz++ | [S02] small clarifications on Whatever 
12:50 <@wayland76> I experience a strange feeling when reading moritz_'s
                   commit message :)
14:11 < pugs_svn> r28045 | wayland++ | [S02,S03,S09,S11] Changed any example 
                  that had the animal "Cat" to have "Squirrel"
14:11 < pugs_svn> r28045 | wayland++ | instead (both have kittens), because we 
                  already have a type called Cat and a 
14:11 < pugs_svn> r28045 | wayland++ | method called "cat", and I could see 
                  some potential for confusion.  
14:14 <@moritz_> wayland76: +     %cats\   .{'fluffy'} =;
14:15 <@jnthn> Squirrel is not a type of cat?
14:15 <@moritz_> well, it would be sensible to name the variable %squirrels in 
                 that case ;-)
14:18 < pugs_svn> r28046 | moritz++ | [S03] store Squirrels in %squirrels, not 
                  in %cats
14:19 <@moritz_> somehow my commit messages sound a bit surrealistic today
14:20  * jnthn likes surrealism.
14:20  * masak fish surrealism
14:37 <@frettled> moritz_: You know, the cats may disagree and think that 
                  squirrels _should_ be stored in cats.  Just mentioning it.
14:37 <@jnthn> wantfud!
14:38 <@wayland76> well, those cats can go clarify their Whatever 
                   comprehensions for all I care :)
14:38 <@masak> one would think that cats have been evolved to store rodents.
14:39 <@wayland76> I doubt the rodents think of it as "storage" :)

If you also like programming and having fun, join us on #perl6 on

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