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Mon, 12 Jul 2010

Want to write shiny SVG graphics with Perl 6? Port Scruffy!

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First let my apologize for waiting so long to come up with a new "weekly" Perl 6 challenge - I'm running out of ideas, and the one I have left needs more time to prepare.

Instead I want to motivate you to help porting the ruby scruffy charting library to Perl 6. It can generate shiny SVG graphics (they are currently broken on their main website, hence the waybackmachine link).

There's already an initial version Perl 6 port called "tufte", but it's not running yet. It needs your help. If you know a little ruby, and want to learn some more Perl 6, join #perl6, ask for a commit bit, and translate some ruby code into Perl 6. And in the end you'll be rewarded with nice SVG charts :-).

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