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Thu, 26 Aug 2010

Fixing Rakudo Memory Leaks

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Rakudo has been leaking memory for a few month. The other day, after some nagging, Will Coleda identified a memory leak, and Tyler Curtis fixed it.

Now we can again make long-running processes with Rakudo. For example for my talk at YAPC::EU I plotted a resonance curve. For that I needed to start a new Rakudo process for every data point because it would leak so badly that it died after processing a few data points. Now I recalculated a whole curve in one process, with memory usage not exceeding 200MB of virtual mem.

resonance curve

I also had some fun recalculating a mandelbrot fractal in a size that would previously make Rakudo segfault or consume too much memory.

Mandelbrot fractal, rendered by Rakudo

(Rendered with colomon's mandelbrot code)).

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