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Sun, 10 Apr 2011

First Grant Report: Structured Error Messages

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My Hague Grant proposal for designing, implementing and testing structured error messages for Perl 6 has been acceepted, and I've started my work on it in my copious free time.

Before the grant started I've unified the error messages of several compilers to use "Cannot" instead of a wild mixture of "Cannot", "Can not" and "Can't".

In the past week I created a repository for the initial work on the error message spec, and added a list of existing error messages across different compilers, and some notes regarding the upcoming spec.

So far I've outlined some thoughts about separation of concerns, classification of the error messages, testing error messages for certain properties, and calling syntax for die() and fail().

Any constructive feedback on it is very welcome.

Thanks go to Ian Hague and The Perl Foundation for supporting my work financially.

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