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Mon, 07 Feb 2011

An offer for software developers: free IRC logging

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The Perl 6 developers communicate a lot through IRC. Some of the conversation is still valuable later on, so we have public IRC logs.

The software powering these logs was written especially for #perl6, but works fine for other channels too. Among the other users are TestML, CDK (Chemistry Development Kit), darcs, mojo, Padre, the Perl IDE, Parrot and Rosetta Code.

If you are also developing software, and would like public logs for your channel (either on freenode or; other servers might be added on demand), feel free to contact me (moritz on freenode, or per email: moritz at

Features include: linking to individual lines, permanent URLs and volatile URLs for the current day, automatic linking of URLs and readable color schemes.

A current limitation is that you can't have two channels with the same name from different networks, in case of conflict "first come, first served" holds.

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