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Mon, 21 Jun 2010

This Week's Contribution to Perl 6 Week 7: Implement

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For this week's contribution to Perl 6 we ask you to write a web shell for Rakudo, just like (or this js course) but for Perl 6 + Rakudo.

(Introduction to this series of challenges)


We want a website like tryruby, but for Perl 6: A combination of web shell and built-in tutorial.

The idea is that for each session a supervisor/controller process runs on the server, which talks to a Rakudo process, and listens at a local socket. A CGI script receives the program lines to be executed, looks up the port number in a session file or database, and connects via a local socket to the controller process.

planned architecture of

What you can do

You can help to make come real. This week I ask you to work on the front end, ie. a HTML page with some javascript that works like a shell; it sends the command entered by the user to a CGI script, and displays its response.

It should also be able to show instructions, and advance to the next instruction when the user has entered what he should.


A stub of the source code can be found on github. Please join our IRC channel and ask for commit access to that repository.

Then fill in any parts you want, primarily concerning the front-end. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask either on the IRC channel, or on the mailing list (and put on CC, because the mailing list sometimes lack quite a bit).

Update: We now have a frontend and parts of the backend, by courtesy of cygx++. If you want to join the project, please improve what we have now instead of submitting a new solution.

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