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Sun, 11 Nov 2018

Perl 6 Coding Contest 2019: Seeking Task Makers

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I want to revive Carl Mäsak's Coding Contest as a crowd-sourced contest.

The contest will be in four phases:

  • development of tasks
  • public contest, where you can solve the tasks
  • public commenting on solutions
  • grading and awarding of prizes

For the first phase, development of tasks, I am looking for volunteers who come up with coding tasks collaboratively. Sadly, these volunteers, including myself, will be excluded from participating in the second phase.

I am looking for tasks that ...

  • are well-worded
  • have a (private) implementation that shows it is solvable, preferably in under 500 lines of code
  • have a few public tests to help the participants, and a more tests tests that help the graders and commenters later on

This is non-trivial, so I'd like to have others to discuss things with, and to come up with some more tasks.

If you want to help with task creation, please send an email to, stating your intentions to help, and your freenode IRC handle (optional).

There are other ways to help too:

  • You can pledge a prize (some ideas: Comma IDE subscription, books, Camelia plushies, Amazon vouchers)
  • You can help design a small website for the contest
  • You can help iron out the exact rules for the contest
  • ... or any other way that I didn't think of :-)

In these cases you can use the same email address to contact me, or use IRC (moritz on freenode) or twitter.

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